Bucket List

My everlasting bucket list surely deserves a personal page for itself, and here I shall maintain an account of all my completed bucket list wishes. My entire list would forever remain a secret! :-)

  1. Participate in a Cycling marathon - Finished the 16 Km Cycling Marathon help on 26/02/2012 by  BSA CHENNAI CYCLING  in Chennai, Marina Beach Road - Done
  2. Go for a trekking - Done thrice, Skandagiri hills in Bangalore, Nagala Hills near Andra, Kodaikanal Hills - Done 
  3. Go for a fish pedicure - Done 
  4. Visit the Holocaust Museum in the United Kingdom - Done 
  5. Raise funds for a cancer patient - Done 
  6. Adopt an animal - Done 
  7. Do something special for grandma - Done 
  8. Visit the United Kingdom - Done
  9. Sleep on the terrace and gaze at the stars and moon - Done
-- More to Come -- 

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