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Best Friends Are Forever

In times of disappointment and despair, 
When the world decided to be really unfair,
You made a choice, to stand by me, 
And proved to me how a true friend really can be! 

Every time I've been sad and in pain, 
You have greatly helped me time and again, 
Having stood by me through thick and thin, 
You proved to be even better than kith and kin! 

Being at the receiving end of care and concern, 
Can feel wonderful, like a drop of lovely heaven,
It fills your heart with hope and trust, 
It makes you smile like every little girl must! 

Today I sit down and decide to write, 
In this mood, so happy and bright! 
The world now looks so hopeful and fine, 
You presence has made my life divine! 

The deep care and friendship that we share, 
Is simply beyond any compare! 
So, do you understand, my dear best friend? 
We share a relationship that really has no end!


Know Your Worth 

Dear girl, please know your worth,
A noble Man for you, was decided at birth,
With valor and smartness, he will come,
And your handsome prince, he will become,

True love needs no proving,
So come on now, stop grieving!
Love is understanding, patient and kind,
So forget what happened and stop being blind!

Wait no more for that useless fellow,
That man who left you alone and let you cry,
Be calm and make your broken heart mellow,
Let all your tears of vain now become dry!

Story behind 'Know Your Worth'


  1. Hello Shruthiy! Thanks for taking time to read and leave a feedback :) Glad to know you loved them :)

  2. Lovely poems and you write beautifully too! Have a peep at my blog too sometime.


    1. Thanks so much Sandiee! :) Welcome to my blog! Will check yours :)


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